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By RETURNING any bid to Discovery Refuse Management, Inc. (“DRM”), you are making a contractual offer to with DRM under the terms and conditions stated below.  Accordingly, please review all of the terms and conditions set forth below prior to submission of any bid as you and DRM will be legally bound in the event DRM accepts your bid.


All materials must be taken to a proper licensed facility that complies with all local, state, and federal regulations, ordinances, and laws.  You as the provider must, at all times, possess the necessary permits to own and operate a solid waste and/or recycling company.

ALL PRICING TO DRM ON ANY BID SHEET, EMAIL OR LETTER FOR BOTH PERMANENT AND/OR TEMPORARY SERVICES, MUST INCLUDE CITY, STATE, AND FEDERAL TAXES, FUEL SURCHARGES, AND FRANCHISE FEES.  All pricing will be effective for the duration upon DRM’s acceptance of your offer including any renewal periods.  The initial term of the offer will expire twenty four months from the service start date if 30 days written notice of non-renewal is provided by your company otherwise the offer will automatically be renewed for an additional 24 months term without further action by either party.

Any change in price for any reason must be handled in the following manner. No exceptions.

Your company must submit a rate increase notice 90 days prior to the effective increase date to:

DRM Waste Management
PO Box 659
Forked River, NJ 08731
Attn: Rate Increase Notice

Notices can faxed to DRM’s Bid Department
Attn: Rate Increase Notice

Fax: 732-553-2453

DRM has a financial responsibility to its customer to insure they are receiving a competitive rate and will bid the increase to all companies in the service area. Once this process is complete DRM’s bid department will send notification of acceptance of the increase or a cancellation of service within the 90 days prior to the effective increase date.

All requests for service must be e-mailed or called in by a DRM representative and must be performed within twenty-four (24) hours of such call.  No invoices for service will be paid unless DRM approved such service in advance, except that in the event the store has an extreme emergency and no DRM representative is in the office to take the call (i.e., weekends, holidays), invoices for such services will be paid only if you contact DRM immediately after receiving the call and leave a detailed message regarding the service.

Send ALL invoices to: DRM Waste Management, PO Box 659, Forked River, NJ  08731-0659 store number and address must be on the invoice for processing. All invoices for compactor pulls must be accompanied by a dispatch ticket, signed by store personnel, and a weight ticket indicating the total tonnage removed from the box.  As DRM is a management firm, payment to vendors will be made only AFTER DRM has received payment from the client.  DRM WILL NOT PAY FINANCE CHARGES OR LATE PENALTIES.  All invoices must include container size, frequency, rate, and service address.  Invoices over 90 days will not be accepted for payment.  It is the responsibility of your company to insure that all invoices are received by DRM in a timely fashion. Contact will only occur between vendor and DRM.  There will be NO CONTACT between vendor and client locations as well as corporate offices.

DRM may terminate the Contract on immediate notification with or without cause.  Within 24 hours of the termination or non-renewal of the contract, all waste containers must be removed from site. In the event that containers are not removed on said date, DRM shall have the right to take possession of such containers and hold hauler responsible for the costs incurred by DRM in removing and storing such containers.

Rebate/CommoditiesFinancial/Contractual Obligation/Terms
Upon performing services your company is confirming a financial and contractual obligation to return materials rebates at the full bid/awarded formula that you have submitted and agreed to. No signature is required.  In the event that rebates are unpaid, DRM will retain all hauling funds within same client chain against rebates due.(*If rebate due based upon the above formula is less than $0.00, no rebate is due and there will be no charge to the client or DRM.)

This obligation to return client rebates cannot be transferred to any recycler or other 3rd party. Your entity is financially responsible to DRM/Client for any funds unless specified on this award.  Non-payment from the recycler or 3rd party does not release your company from the financial responsibility for the fully awarded formula.

Haul-Only Contract

If this is a haul only contract, all loads must be brought to the agreed and specified recycling facility.  Rebates for any diverted loads will become the full financial responsibility of the hauler at the fully awarded recyclery rate that appears on this document.

Rebate Management

DRM will e-mail a request for tonnage every Tuesday for all pulls performed within the prior week.  All weights must be entered into the provided Excel format and returned next day.  All weight tickets must be remitted with the e-mail.

DRM will e-mail invoices every Tuesday and statements every other Tuesday for all open/unpaid rebates.

Payment Terms – All rebates are due 30 days from the end of each service month.  Any payments received after this time will be considered late/overdue.

Changes – Changes to the above obligation must be executed as follows or they will not be accepted by DRM.   DRM must be notified, in writing via e-mail to:, at least 90 days prior to any proposed change start date.  This notification must be accepted by DRM in writing and by return e-mail to be considered received/valid by DRM.  DRM will either accept the proposed change or reject the contract within 30 days.

DRM requires immediate notification in the event of the following circumstances:

  • Change of ownership
  • Change of management
  • Closure of a facility that is currently processing materials

As such if the company continues to process materials after any of the above changes it is understood that the formula on the original award will prevail as per the terms of this agreement.

DRM Statement: DRM considers noncompliance with all rebate management requirements and short/non-payments a serious offense.  DRM will not do business with or award new work on any accounts to vendors that do not honor contractual/financial obligations.  Rebate management is a complex and time intensive process and we expect our vendors to be a partner in efficiency.

24 Hour Notice Required

Contaminated Loads: If a load is contaminated, a picture of the load must be provided along with the weight slip.  If a picture is not provided, the full amount of the rebate will need to be paid, no exception. The picture(s) must show the whole load, not just a portion where there is a small amount of trash. If the weight ticket is from a landfill or transfer station or other trash facility please ensure that the load was not taken to this facility in error before presenting the contaminated issue to DRM. Any driver errors will be the full financial responsibly of the hauler and the rebate will be paid at the full contracted amount.

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