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DRM Waste Acuity™ is our exclusive, analytical and investigative process. It’s a direct expression of our passion, willingness and unwavering commitment to go farther, dig deeper and investigate more thoroughly than anyone else to uncover every opportunity for for DRM clientsprogram improvements and cost reduction.

Waste Acuity™ reaches across all aspects of DRM services, including our innovative tracking methods, technology resources and diagnostic software.

  • By dedicated DRM PROFESSIONALS with an average of ten years experience
  • With INVESTIGATIVE POWER made possible only through experience and longevity
  • With powerful TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES & SYSTEMS like the DRM “Commodity Revenue Management System” (CRMS)
  • With HIGHLY EFFICIENT ZERO-WASTE PROGRAMS that optimize pickup scheduling and commodity utilization

Among the many benefits of WASTE ACUITY™ are:

  • Guaranteed Collection Performance
  • Maximum Commodities Management
  • Waste Stream Optimization (Sustainability, Savings, Rebates)
  • Measured Performance
  • Timely, Transparent Reporting Of Program Activities
  • Guaranteed, Increased Rebate Revenue
  • Faster And Better Resolution Of Issues And Problems
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