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What makes DRM Waste Management a better choice than a trash hauling company?

It’s few important things. First, it’s Waste Acuity™, a direct expression of our passion, willingness and unwavering commitment to go farther, dig deeper and investigate more thoroughly than anyone else to uncover every opportunity and advantage for DRM clients. It helps provide complete management solutions that make sound budget sense. Also, we’re not burdened by the costs, overhead and issues associated with mass fleet and equipment maintenance. Finally, we’re not limited to dealing with only a few hauling or equipment companies. As a result, DRM offers the greatest savings and hauler quality assurance to our clients through one of the best competitive bid processes in the waste industry today.

We offer savings-based and flat-fee platforms. While hauling companies focus on maximizing their bottom line by charging the maximum for each location and utilizing contracts with built-in increases, DRM delivers the lowest possible cost for each location through our highly competitive bid process.

What are DRM Waste Management’s advantages over larger trash companies?

DRM Waste Management is big enough to have all the systems, technology and infrastructure needed to support our clients, but small enough to provide personalized attention. Our clients will tell you that we’re the just the “right size.”

Why should we use DRM Waste Management instead of managing our trash internally?

No matter how complex your waste and recycling needs are we’ll simplify them and we’ll do it for less. And that’s just for starters.

DRM thoroughly reviews your waste and recycling requirements, which can vary considerably from one location to another. We then determine your location-specific service needs and competitively bid each of your locations to provide you with the lowest possible rates. You benefit from the proven buying power of DRM – it’s something you can’t get on your own!

If there is a problem at one of my locations, who do they call?

24/7/365, you can quickly reach DRM Waste Management via a dedicated 800 number, as well as online, by email or fax.

Each of your locations receives a toll-free number that they can use to request services, report concerns and have all their questions answered.

What value-added services come with my DRM program?

What some companies call “options” or “extras,” we call standard service. It’s the kind of complete service that adds true value to your program, your satisfaction and ultimately, your peace of mind.

Our commitment to over-satisfying our clients includes services like competitive bidding of all locations, waste stream analysis, diversion of recyclables from waste stream to revenue stream, single point of contact for all locations, 24/7/365 customer service, consolidated invoicing, customized monthly reporting, invoice auditing and budget forecasting.

How does DRM monitor our monthly costs?

DRM audits all hauler invoices to ensure that charges are for authorized services only and at contracted rates. We maintain ongoing analysis of all hauler invoices to ensure accuracy of all billable items.

Can I keep track of my pricing and services on-line?

Absolutely! You can view both costs and services, by location, on-line. Your assigned user ID and password provide you with 24/7/365 direct account information access.

What makes DRM a smart choice for my equipment needs?

We provide full turnkey solutions. From equipment selection to installation, you benefit from DRM’s experience and expert knowledge in selecting the best piece of equipment for your application.

What are the best reasons for choosing DRM for my waste equipment repair and maintenance?

In addition to programs that deliver greater waste stream efficiency and improved cost savings, DRM has established an extensive network of independent repair and maintenance companies that service locations across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. We negotiate the lowest possible rates with these companies so that you can take advantage of outstanding savings.

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